Roster Sync Instructions - CSV

About Rostering

Rostering with Studies Weekly allows districts to upload data files to create and manage teacher & student accounts, as well as teacher classrooms. When rostering, teacher accounts are managed according to the uploaded files; they can not manually create or remove students, and they can not manage their classrooms manually. If a teacher already had students before their district started to roster, they will have an opportunity to merge those students with the students defined in the uploaded data files.

If you would rather allow your teachers to manage their own classrooms and students, please direct them to the registration page where they can create an account manually. The teachers will have the option to upload their students in bulk using an Excel spreadsheet.

The teacher registration page can be found here:

To synchronize your district’s roster data with Studies Weekly, prepare the following 4 CSV files (the 5th being optional) containing information about teachers, students, and classes. Example CSV files can be found below.

After these files are prepared, upload them to our SFTP server using your district credentials. For information about the SFTP server or to request credentials, please contact our rostering support team.

Notice: The names of the CSV files you upload must match the following file names exactly.

Notice: The CSV files must be UTF-8 encoded.

teacher_class.csv (optional)

Every evening Studies Weekly will retrieve the files on the server and process them, updating your teacher and student accounts on Studies Weekly with the most recent information. The files will not be deleted after they are processed.

If you have any questions, please contact our rostering support team.