Florida Studies Weekly 4th Grade

Scope and Sequence

Welcome to Florida Studies Weekly

Week 1 - Welcome to Florida Studies Weekly

Students will examine Florida’s state symbols and their origins.

  • Let's Learn About Florida This Year!
  • Help a Rat and Learn to Run the Country This Year! SS.4.C.2.2
  • Our State Symbols SS.4.A.3.7
  • SS.4.A.1.1
  • Civic Participation SS.4.C.2.2
  • Marion, Alachua and Putnam Counties SS.4.G.1.1
  • SS.4.G.1.2
  • What sort of things are made official by the state? SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.G.1.1
  • The Manatee
  • Reason and Logic: Young George Washington, Surveyor and Mapmaker SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.C.2.2
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Think & Review Questions SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.C.2.2
  • On The Cover: Florida People, Places and Things
  • Three Branches of Government

    Week 2 - Three Branches of Government

    Students will define a constitution and examine some examples from the U.S. Constitution. Students will learn about the bicameral congress, the three branches of government, and the system of checks and balances.

  • The Constitution— Mightier Than the Sword! SS.4.C.2.1
  • SS.4.A.1.1
  • It’s Constitution Day! Let’s Celebrate!
  • Three Government Branches SS.4.C.1.1
  • SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.C.2.3 SS.4.C.3.1
  • Citizenship
  • Our State Bill of Rights SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.C.1.1
  • What do you have to do in order to be a responsible citizen? SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.C.3.1
  • Where do tax dollars go? SS.4.FL.1.8
  • Directions for Constitution Bingo SS.4.C.3.1
  • SS.4.FL.1.8
  • ​As a Florida Citizen SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.C.1.1
  • Think and Review Questions SS.4.C.1.1
  • SS.4.C.3.1

    Government Functions

    Week 3 - Government Functions

    Students will compare the state government to the national government. They will also learn about government functions and jobs that make our way of life possible.

  • Our Government SS.4.C.2.2
  • SS.4.C.3.1 SS.4.C.3.2
  • Philanthropy and Values SS.4.A.6.3
  • SS.4.C.2.2
  • Government Functions SS.4.C.2.1
  • SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.C.2.3
  • The Backyard Government SS.4.C.2.2
  • James Weldon Johnson SS.4.A.6.3
  • Public Issues Impact Our Daily Lives SS.4.C.2.1
  • SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.FL.1.8
  • Let's Write SS.4.C.2.1
  • Think & Review Questions SS.4.C.2.1
  • SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.C.2.3 SS.4.C.3.2 SS.4.FL.1.8

    Florida’s Physical Features

    Week 4 - Florida’s Physical Features

    Students will discuss Florida’s geology, climate and sea levels. They will also define the six great regions of Florida.

  • What a Great Place to Live! SS.4.G.1.1
  • Nature Festival SS.4.A.6.3
  • SS.4.C.2.3
  • Florida’s Geology SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.G.1.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Six Great Regions SS.4.G.1.1
  • SS.4.G.1.2
  • Responsibility SS.4.C.2.2
  • Okeechobee and St. Lucie Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Spend or Save? SS.4.FL.3.1
  • SS.4.FL.3.2 SS.4.FL.3.4
  • Enjoying Florida’s Weather SS.4.G.1.3
  • Counties of Florida SS.4.G.1.4
  • Let's Write SS.4.G.1.1
  • SS.4.G.1.4 SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.FL.3.1
  • ​Think and Review Questions
  • Map Skills

    Week 5 - Map Skills

    Students will examine different types of maps and the various ways maps provide information. They will distinguish between physical, political and road maps and identify map features including title, compass rose, scale and map key.

  • Why Maps Are Important SS.4.G.1.4
  • Cartography
  • Reading Maps SS.4.G.1.4
  • The Compass Rose SS.4.G.1.4
  • What is a map scale? SS.4.G.1.4
  • Highlands and Flagler Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Making a Map Glossary SS.4.G.1.4
  • Latitude and Longitude SS.4.G.1.4
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • ​Think and Review Questions SS.4.G.1.4
  • Natives of Florida

    Week 6 - Natives of Florida

    Students will learn about the first humans and animals that lived in Florida. Students will examine the cultures of the various tribes that inhabited Florida.

  • Across the Icy Bridge SS.4.A.1.1
  • Go See a Re-enactment
  • Florida Natives SS.4.A.2.1
  • SS.4.A.3.1 SS.4.A.3.8 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Chased Rabbit Goes Hunting SS.4.A.3.2
  • SS.4.FL.1.1
  • Brevard, Indian River and Osceola Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Help Wanted! SS.4.FL.1.1
  • The Tequesta and Tocobaga Tribes SS.4.A.2.1
  • Sign Language SS.4.A.2.1
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Think and Review SS.4.A.2.1
  • Language Arts Connection SS.4.A.1.2
  • Spanish Explorers

    Week 7 - Spanish Explorers

    Students will study the explorers who discovered Florida, emphasizing Ponce de Leon. They will learn about other Spanish explorers who sought treasure in Florida.

  • Finding Florida Instead of the Fabled Fountain of Youth SS.4.A.3.1
  • SS.4.A.3.7
  • Spanish Explorers SS.4.A.3.1
  • SS.4.A.3.2
  • Timeline SS.4.A.9.1
  • Respect
  • DeSoto, Manatee and Sarasota Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Why did the Spanish send explorers to Florida? SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.1
  • Dolphins and Porpoises
  • ​Courage
  • Language Arts Connection
  • Think and Review SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.1

    Saint Augustine: French vs. Spanish

    Week 8 - Saint Augustine: French vs. Spanish

    Students will study the sea battle between the French and Spanish over the land that is now Florida. Students will learn about conflicts and motives of the first Florida settlements, including battles and the search for religious freedom.

  • Two Nations Collide: France vs. Spain SS.4.A.3.1
  • SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Dilly ‘Dalí’-ing in St. Petersburg SS.4.A.1.2
  • North America's First European Colony SS.4.A.3.1
  • SS.4.A.3.3 SS.4.A.3.6 SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.4.2 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Voting SS.4.C.2.3
  • Duval, Nassau and St. Johns Counties SS.4.A.3.5
  • SS.4.G.1.2
  • Why did the Spanish and French fight over Florida? SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.1
  • Salaries, Wages and Commission SS.4.FL.1.1
  • SS.4.FL.1.2 SS.4.FL.1.3
  • Hear r Sum Words 4 U 2 No!
  • Think & Review Questions SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.3 SS.4.A.3.6 SS.4.FL.1.3
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Spanish Missions

    Week 9 - Spanish Missions

    Students will learn about Spanish missionaries who came to Florida seeking to bring their religion to the natives. They will discuss the interactions between missionaries and natives.

  • Ships Full of Spanish Missionaries Come to Florida! SS.4.A.3.1
  • SS.4.A.3.2 SS.4.A.1.1
  • What Do We Really Know About Ponce de Leon? SS.4.A.3.1
  • Spanish Mission Era SS.4.A.3.1
  • SS.4.A.3.2 SS.4.A.3.4 SS.4.A.3.6 SS.4.A.3.7
  • What were Spanish missions like? SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.4
  • Union, Bradford and Clay Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Rockin’ the Boat SS.4.A.3.2
  • Opossum
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Spanish Missions: Find Out More! SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.4
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.3.2
  • SS.4.A.3.4

    St. Augustine

    Week 10 - St. Augustine

    Students will learn about the construction of the Castillo de San Marcos. They will also learn about settlers who played important roles in the conflict between the French and Spanish.

  • What a Fort! The Castillo de San Marcos SS.4.A.3.3
  • SS.4.A.3.6 SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.4.2 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Becoming a Citizen at Castillo de San Marcos SS.4.A.3.3
  • St. Augustine, Florida SS.4.A.3.1
  • SS.4.A.3.3 SS.4.A.3.5 SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • So, What Is a County Seat Anyway?
  • The Spanish Change Florida SS.4.A.3.6
  • ​How were Jean Ribault and Pedro Menéndez de Avilés alike and different? SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.1
  • For Rent SS.4.FL.1.5
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.1 SS.4.FL.1.5
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • British Florida

    Week 11 - British Florida

    Students will study the invasion of the British, the French and Indian War, and the historic geography of Florida. Students will also learn about the hardships of early settlers in British Florida.

  • The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming! SS.4.A.3.7
  • Where Would You Rather Live? SS.4.G.1.1
  • British Florida SS.4.A.3.2
  • SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.4.2 SS.4.A.6.1 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • ​Honesty SS.4.A.3.2
  • Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Where would you live? SS.4.A.1.2
  • Indigo Plant SS.4.G.1.1
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.1.2
  • American Revolution

    Week 12 - American Revolution

    Students will identify the role of Florida on the British side in the American Revolution. They will learn about significant points of the war and the outcome that returned Florida to Spain.

  • Florida Gets Into the American Revolutionary War—Even When It Didn’t Want To SS.4.A.3.5
  • SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.4.2
  • American Revolution SS.4.A.3.2
  • SS.4.A.3.6 SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Forbes Purchase SS.4.A.3.2
  • Gadsden County SS.4.G.1.1
  • SS.4.G.1.2
  • ​What if Florida had fought against the British? SS.4.A.1.2
  • Opportunity Cost SS.4.FL.2.1
  • SS.4.FL.2.2 SS.4.FL.2.3 SS.4.FL.2.4 SS.4.FL.2.6
  • Children of the American Revolution SS.4.A.1.1
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.3.2
  • SS.4.A.3.6 SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.4.2 SS.4.FL.2.4

    Florida Pirates

    Week 13 - Florida Pirates

    Students will study the role of pirates in Florida’s history. They will also discuss Spain’s neglect, which led to Florida becoming a pirate-filled state.

  • Avast, Ye Matey! SS.4.A.1.1
  • Hunting for Treasure–Geocaching SS.4.A.1.2
  • The Golden Age of Piracy SS.4.A.3.1
  • SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Land Ho! SS.4.A.3.1
  • SS.4.A.3.7
  • Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties SS.4.G.1.1
  • SS.4.G.1.2
  • ​Why are there so many myths about pirates? SS.4.A.1.2
  • The Gasparilla Pirate Festival SS.4.A.8.4
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Pirate Biography SS.4.A.1.2
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.8.4
  • Florida Territory

    Week 14 - Florida Territory

    Students will study how Florida became a territory of the U.S. thanks to Andrew Jackson and Jean Lafitte’s pirates.

  • Florida Becomes a US Territory! SS.4.A.3.6
  • SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.3.9 SS.4.A.1.1
  • A Census Full of Treasure SS.4.A.1.2
  • Florida Territory SS.4.A.3.6
  • SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.3.9 SS.4.A.4.2 SS.4.G.1.4 SS.4.A.1.1
  • ​Responsibility
  • Seminole and Volusia Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Was the Adams-Onis Treaty a good idea? SS.4.A.1.2
  • Spending Money SS.4.FL.2.1
  • SS.4.FL.2.2 SS.4.FL.2.3
  • Let's Write
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.3.6
  • SS.4.A.3.7
  • Design Your Own Questions! SS.4.A.1.2
  • Seminole Wars

    Week 15 - Seminole Wars

    Students will be introduced to Florida’s Seminole Indians and their conflicts with settlers.

  • The Seminole Wars SS.4.A.3.2
  • SS.4.A.3.8 SS.4.A.3.10
  • Who Were the Black Seminole? SS.4.A.3.2
  • SS.4.A.6.3 SS.4.A.3.10
  • The Seminole Wars SS.4.A.3.2
  • SS.4.A.3.8 SS.4.A.6.3 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.A.3.10 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Perseverance
  • Dixie and Gilchrist Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Could the Seminole Wars have been avoided? SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.10
  • The Florida Panther
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.2
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.3.10
  • Statehood

    Week 16 - Statehood

    Students will study how Florida became a state after hundreds of years of French, Spanish and British control. They will also study the controversial issue of slavery in the new state.

  • Florida Statehood SS.4.A.1.1
  • True Grits: Florida Pioneer Life in the 1800s SS.4.A.4.2
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.6.3
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.6.3
  • SS.4.G.1.4 SS.4.FL.2.7
  • Florida Statehood SS.4.A.6.3
  • SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.C.1.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Henry “Box” Brown SS.4.A.6.3
  • Martin and Palm Beach Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Budgets and Banks SS.4.FL.2.7
  • SS.4.FL.3.2 SS.4.FL.3.3

    The Civil War

    Week 17 - The Civil War

    Students will learn the definition of civil war. They will examine important battles that took place in Florida and learn about the Emancipation Proclamation.

  • The Word That Waged a War SS.4.A.5.1
  • The Civil War SS.4.A.5.1
  • SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Former Fugitives Fight for Freedom SS.4.C.2.2
  • Baker and Bay Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Civil War Ports SS.4.A.5.1
  • SS.4.A.1.1
  • Southern Flying Squirrel
  • Find the Battlefields of Yesteryear in Your Own Backyard SS.4.G.1.4
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.5.1
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Fake or Real News?
  • Reconstruction

    Week 18 - Reconstruction

    Students will be introduced to the Reconstruction Period. They will also be introduced to groups like carpetbaggers and scalawags that are associated with Reconstruction.

  • The Fifteenth Amendment
  • Reconstruction SS.4.A.5.2
  • Reconstruction
  • Florida’s Cattle Industry
  • Sumter and Citrus Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.10
  • What happened during the Reconstruction? SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.5.2
  • Using Money SS.4.FL.3.1
  • SS.4.FL.3.4
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.5.2
  • SS.4.G.1.2 SS.4.G.1.4 SS.4.FL.3.1
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Spanish-American War

    Week 19 - Spanish-American War

    Students will study the reasons for the Spanish-American War and learn why it is called The Splendid Little War. Students will learn about the cities and people that were significant to the war.

  • The Splendid Little War
  • Cuba to Florida Swim SS.4.A.6.3
  • Spanish- American War SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.6.4 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.E.1.1
  • Henry Flagler and Julia Tuttle SS.4.E.1.1
  • Would we still have gone to war? SS.4.A.1.2
  • Where is Cuba? SS.4.G.1.4
  • ​Math Connection SS.4.A.6.4
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.6.4 SS.4.E.1.1
  • ​The Spanish-American War
  • Transportation

    Week 20 - Transportation

    Students will think about different types of transportation. They will study the history of transportation in Florida as well as inventors who are important in transportation history.

  • Transportation Today SS.4.A.4.1
  • Florida High-Speed Rail SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.4.1
  • Transportation SS.4.A.4.1
  • SS.4.A.6.3 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.E.1.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • A Few of Florida's Finest SS.4.A.6.3
  • Planning Ahead SS.4.FL.6.4
  • SS.4.FL.6.2
  • Hendry and Collier Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Are There Any Women Inventors? SS.4.E.1.1
  • 50 Years of Amazing Inventions SS.4.E.1.1
  • Let's Write
  • Think and Review SS.4.A.6.3
  • SS.4.FL.6.4


    Week 21 - Communication

    Students will discuss the importance of new technology, such as e-mail, in communication. They will also study some of the major inventors in the history of communication.

  • Communication Today SS.4.A.4.1
  • Pirate Radio
  • Communication SS.4.A.4.1
  • SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • One Slippery Night
  • Taylor and Lafayette Counties SS.4.G.1.1
  • SS.4.G.1.2 SS.4.G.1.4 SS.4.A.1.1
  • How will people communicate?
  • Thomas Edison SS.4.A.1.2
  • Let's Write
  • Think and Review
  • World War I

    Week 22 - World War I

    Students will study World War I and the ensuing Great Depression. They will look at Florida’s role in these events of history.

  • Learning From Another Generation
  • The USS Florida
  • World War I and the Great Depression SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.4.1 SS.4.A.7.1 SS.4.A.7.2 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas SS.4.A.6.3
  • SS.4.C.2.2
  • Walton and Okaloosa Counties SS.4.G.1.1
  • SS.4.G.1.2 SS.4.G.1.4
  • What would you take?
  • Taking Risks SS.4.FL.6.1
  • SS.4.FL.6.2 SS.4.FL.6.3
  • ​Be Creative!
  • ​Citizenship
  • Think & Review
  • World War II

    Week 23 - World War II

    Students will study World War II and will learn how it brought many people to Florida. Students will learn about Eddie Rickenbacker and the effects of WWII at home.

  • World War II Brings People to Florida
  • Recovering the Devastator
  • World War II SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.6.1 SS.4.A.6.3 SS.4.A.7.3 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.G.1.3 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Jack Eckerd: A Great Citizen SS.4.A.6.1
  • SS.4.A.6.3
  • More of Florida’s Who’s Who of World War II SS.4.A.6.3
  • SS.4.C.2.2
  • What do you think about rationing?
  • 10,000 POWs Sent to Florida
  • ​World War II
  • Gulf and Hamilton Counties SS.4.G.1.1
  • SS.4.G.1.2 SS.4.G.1.4
  • Think & Review
  • Florida’s Population

    Week 24 - Florida’s Population

    Students will discuss factors that helped Florida’s population rise.

  • Population Explosion!
  • Counting Ocean Creatures—a New Census
  • Florida’s Population SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.4.1 SS.4.A.6.1 SS.4.A.6.3 SS.4.A.7.1 SS.4.A.8.2 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.G.1.1 SS.4.G.1.3 SS.4.E.1.1 SS.4.E.1.2 SS.4.A.1.1
  • What About Winter? SS.4.G.1.3
  • Lake, Levy and Wakulla Counties SS.4.G.1.1
  • SS.4.G.1.2 SS.4.G.1.4
  • Why do people move?
  • Investing SS.4.FL.5.1
  • SS.4.FL.5.2
  • Chart Florida’s Population Growth SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.1.1
  • ​New City
  • Think & Review
  • Major Florida Cities

    Week 25 - Major Florida Cities

    Students will study Florida’s major cities and their histories. Students will discuss reasons for big cities as they compare various cities of Florida.

  • Cultural Neighborhoods
  • Cities of Florida
  • Major Florida Cities SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.3.3 SS.4.A.6.1 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.E.1.2 SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Pensacola: City of Five Flags
  • Hernando and Pasco Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • SS.4.G.1.4
  • Why do people like to visit major cities?
  • Anhinga (Water Turkey)
  • Finding Florida's Cities SS.4.G.1.2
  • SS.4.G.1.4 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Let's Write
  • Think & Review
  • Civil Rights

    Week 26 - Civil Rights

    Students will learn about the civil rights movement in the United States and Florida. Students will learn about civil rights leaders from Florida and their contributions. Students will analyze events that took place in Florida before, during and after the civil rights movement.

  • An Introduction to Civil Rights SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.1.1
  • The Little Rock Nine
  • The Civil Rights Movement in Florida SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.6.3 SS.4.A.8.1 SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.C.1.1 SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Holmes, Jefferson and Washington Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • SS.4.G.1.4
  • Have you ever been treated unfairly?
  • The March on Washington SS.4.FL.1.4
  • SS.4.FL.4.1
  • The Civil Rights Movement: Keeping Track of Time SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Let's Write
  • Think & Review
  • Men and Women of Florida

    Week 27 - Men and Women of Florida

    Students will learn about important men and women from Florida who have affected the world in positive ways.

  • Contemporary Men and Women of Florida SS.4.A.6.3
  • SS.4.A.1.1
  • Future Famous Floridians
  • Famous Floridians SS.4.A.6.3
  • SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.A.1.1
  • ​Mary McLeod Bethune: First Lady of Education SS.4.A.6.3
  • SS.4.A.8.1
  • Columbia and Suwannee Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • How do people become famous? SS.4.A.1.2
  • Key Deer SS.4.A.6.3
  • Who Am I? SS.4.A.6.3
  • Let's Write
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.6.3

    Florida’s Heritage and Culture

    Week 28 - Florida’s Heritage and Culture

    Students will discuss the variety of cultures found in Florida and their influence.

  • Walking for a Cause SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.6.3
  • Florida’s Heritage and Culture SS.4.A.6.2
  • SS.4.A.6.3 SS.4.A.9.1
  • Civil Disobedience
  • Miami-Dade, Hardee and Monroe Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Where does your family come from? SS.4.A.1.2
  • Florida Oranges SS.4.FL.4.2
  • Do You Remember? SS.4.A.6.3
  • Let's Write
  • ​Learn More About Cultures SS.4.A.1.2
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.6.2
  • SS.4.FL.4.2
  • Same and Different
  • Hard-Working Florida

    Week 29 - Hard-Working Florida

    Students will look at the industries that create jobs for Floridians. Students will also learn about Florida’s natural resources.

  • Timeline
  • Florida Industries Span the Entire World! SS.4.A.6.1
  • SS.4.E.1.2
  • Floundering Fruit SS.4.A.6.1
  • Hard-Working Florida SS.4.A.6.1
  • SS.4.A.9.1 SS.4.E.1.2 SS.4.A.1.1
  • The Citrus Wizard
  • Charlotte, Glades, and Lee Counties SS.4.A.4.1
  • SS.4.G.1.2
  • Do you know any hard-working Floridians? SS.4.A.1.2
  • Mediterranean Fruit Fly SS.4.A.6.1
  • Florida’s Sports Industry Overview SS.4.A.1.2
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.6.1
  • SS.4.E.1.2

    The Space Program

    Week 30 - The Space Program

    Students will look at Florida’s space program and the importance of Kennedy Space Center. Students will gain knowledge of specific programs that helped navigate space.

  • The Space Race
  • Retiring the Shuttle Discovery
  • The Space Program SS.4.A.4.1
  • SS.4.A.8.3 SS.4.A.9.1
  • Like Movies?
  • Jackson and Leon Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Do you want to be an astronaut? SS.4.A.1.2
  • Earning a Profit SS.4.FL.1.6
  • SS.4.FL.1.7
  • The Space Missions SS.4.A.1.1
  • Think & Review SS.4.A.4.1
  • SS.4.A.8.3 SS.4.FL.1.6
  • Let's Write
  • Florida Tourism

    Week 31 - Florida Tourism

    Students will study the importance of tourism as an industry in Florida.

  • The Florida Tourist Industry SS.4.A.8.4
  • Dead Dinosaurs Mess up Vacation Plans SS.4.A.8.4
  • SS.4.E.1.1
  • Floridaʼs Tourist Attractions SS.4.A.6.1
  • SS.4.E.1.1 SS.4.A.1.1
  • Great Glades! SS.4.G.1.1
  • Orange, Broward, Franklin and Madison Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • Where would you go? SS.4.A.1.2
  • Leatherback Turtle
  • Let's Write
  • Choose One Article
  • Tourists From Around the World SS.4.A.1.2
  • Think and Review SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.A.8.4 SS.4.E.1.1

    Florida Review

    Week 32 - Florida Review

    While reflecting on important people and places of Florida, students will design an itinerary for the tourists they have learned about.

  • Keep on Learning SS.4.C.1.1
  • SS.4.C.2.1 SS.4.C.2.2 SS.4.C.3.1
  • Time Capsules SS.4.A.1.2
  • Florida Through Time SS.4.A.3.1
  • SS.4.A.3.2 SS.4.A.3.6 SS.4.A.3.7 SS.4.A.8.3
  • Liberty, Calhoun and Polk Counties SS.4.G.1.2
  • What makes Florida great? SS.4.A.1.2
  • Interest and Credit SS.4.FL.4.1
  • SS.4.FL.4.2
  • Summer Planning SS.4.A.1.2
  • Let's Write SS.4.A.1.2
  • Think and Review SS.4.A.1.2
  • SS.4.C.3.1 SS.4.FL.4.1 SS.4.FL.4.2

    Quarter 1 Summative Assessment

    Week 33 - Quarter 1 Summative Assessment

    First Quarterly Summative Assessment

    Quarter 2 Summative Assessment

    Week 34 - Quarter 2 Summative Assessment

    Second Quarterly Summative Assessment

    Quarter 3 Summative Assessment

    Week 35 - Quarter 3 Summative Assessment

    Third Quarterly Summative Assessment

    Quarter 4 Summative Assessment

    Week 36 - Quarter 4 Summative Assessment

    Fourth Quarterly Summative Assessment