Weekly Curriculum Map / Standards Correlation

Health Studies Weekly - Grade 5

North Carolina Fifth Grade Health
Standards Coverage

Week 1: Being Healthy
This unit focuses on the concepts related to promoting good health and preventing disease. Students will learn about the relationship between a healthy environment and personal health. They will discuss examples of emotional, intellectual, physical and social health.

Week 2: Learning about Health
This unit focuses on ways to find information, products and services related to health. Students will learn ways to recognize and find valid help and information by using home, school and community resources. They will discuss common places people can find help with their health issues.

Week 3: Making Healthy Choices
This unit focuses on setting goals and making decisions that have a positive effect on health. Students will learn about the impact of choosing healthy alternatives and will discuss outcomes of positive health decisions. They will also discuss setting personal health goals.

Week 4: Healthy Living
This unit focuses on healthy behaviors and how we are influenced to make choices about our health. Students will learn about the role of culture, age and gender differences in personal health practices. Students will discuss both positive and negative influences in the media, including television, newspapers, the Internet, etc.

Week 5: Healthy Communication
This unit focuses on using effective interpersonal communication skills that can improve health. Students will differentiate between verbal and non-verbal communication and ways that both types of communication can help resolve conflict. They will also discuss refusal and negotiation in potentially dangerous situations.

Week 6: Standing Up for Health
This unit focuses on ways to advocate for personal health and the health of family and community. Students will learn how to express their ideas clearly and ways to reach different audiences. They will discuss the benefits of working together for a healthy world.