Veterans Day
Curriculum Bundle

Take your students on an engaging journey that will develop their critical thinking skills and influence them to be responsible decision makers.

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Veterans Classroom Publication

  • 6 Weekly Units delivered in one shipment (grades 3+)
    • Week 1: Veterans of the American Revolutionary War
    • Week 2: Veterans of the Civil War
    • Week 3: Veterans of World War I
    • Week 4: Veterans of World War II
    • Week 5: Veterans of the Vietnam and Korean Wars
    • Week 6: Veterans of the Global War on Terror
  • 100% Consumable
  • Online Teacher Supplement available in either Common Core or generic ELA
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Free Veterans Day Lesson Plans

Lesson plans include background and knowledge acquisition skills to help introduce or reinforce the history of Veterans Day and its importance. Lesson suggestions include concept-based projects that bring “real world” meaning to the material. Students will gain foundational knowledge, analyze cause and effect relationships and how events experienced by our veterans impact the future.

Studies Weekly is the New Standard for Student Engagement

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Studies Weekly employs a Balanced Literacy approach through non-fiction social studies and science text which can be utilized during the literacy block.

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Customized standards correlations to your state’s social studies and science standards simplify lesson preparation for teachers.

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Online versions are linked with thousands of primary source videos, interviews, etc., plus researched-based teacher resources and lesson plans.