The Revolutionary War
The Revolutionary War
American Civil War Intro
George Washington: Patriot Intro
The Shot Heard Around the World Intro
Deborah Sampson Intro
More Conflict in the Colonies
Revolutionary Women
Hardships of War
The Civil War and Spanish American War
Battle of Gettysburg
American Civil War Intro
Missouri Compromise Intro
Battle of Fredericksburg
Spanish-American War Intro
Virtual Field Trip: The Westport Battlefield and Museum
World War I
World War I Intro
Virtual Field Trip: National World War I Museum and Memorial
World War II
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Effects of the Atomic Bomb Intro
Manhattan Project Intro
Japanese Internment Intro
442nd Infantry Regiment Intro
Tuskegee Airmen Intro
World War II Intro
Normandy Invasion Intro
Battle of Midway Intro
Abe Katz Interview: Introduction "My Life as 6282" (1)
Bud Bonham Interview: Introduction to War
Bud Bonham Interview: Horrors of War
Jerry Meents Interview: Extermination Camps
VE Day Intro
Arlie Ray Horn Interview: D Day
Sterling Baker Interview: Amphibious Scouts
Noemi Mattis Interview: Hidden Child
Charlyne Harper Interview: A Woman in the War (5)
World War II: Europe Intro
Deedie Favro Interview (1): She's a "Rosie"
Pearl Harbor
Gail Halvorsen Interview: "The Candy Bomber"
Women in World War II Intro
Norio Uyematsu Interview: After the Nuclear Bomb
Takashi Hoshizaki Interview: Disloyal Citizen?
Samuel Mihara Interview: Japanese Internment Camp Prisoner
Shigeru Yabu Interview: Japanese Internment Camp Prisoner
Shigeru Yabu Interview: Japanese Internment Camp Barracks
What was the Holocaust?
Raymond Salsedo: Pearl Harbor Survivor
Virtual Field Trip: San Jacinto Monument
Korean War Intro
Paul Madsen (4): The Korean War
Vietnam War Intro
Charles Sudholt Interview: Tet Offensive
Vincent Morrison Interview (2): A Deadly Battle
Carl Duffield Interview (2): In the Jungles of Vietnam
The Gulf War and Global War on Terror
Desert Storm Intro
Iraq and Afghanistan Conflict Intro
9/11 Interview with Art Nejame: "Coming Face-to-Face with the Enemies"
The Freedom War
Wade Bracken Interview (1): A Part of Something Bigger
Tara Thompson Interview (4): Not Like the Movies
Enduring Freedom War Veteran: Daniel Turner (2)